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How to Craft a Butterfly Craft Table for $1.99

You’re probably thinking “Wow, this is a lot of work for nothing, right?”

Well, if you were to build this table, you’d need to be a professional.

If you are, we’ve got you covered!

The Butterfly Craft table has a top and sides that are made of solid copper and the bottom is made of brass, and the back features a metal frame.

You’ll need to buy a lot more than just a couple of plates to make this table.

It comes with six pieces of wood that you can attach to it.

The Butterfly craft table is made from hardwood and can be used as a dining table, or even as a kitchen table.

Here’s how to make a Butterfly crafttable using only wood.1.

Cut off the end of a long piece of wood like a walnut.2.

Cut a hole in the center of that piece of hardwood, or cut a hole at the bottom of the piece of long wood like oak or birch.3.

Take the two pieces of long-end wood and attach them together with glue.4.

Secure the two ends of the wood with the glue, making sure the glue sticks to the wood and not the glue.5.

Place the table in a baking pan or oven.6.

Once it’s cooled, peel off the glue and place the table on the table, securing it with a nail or string.7.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until the glue is dry.8.

Remove the table and let it cool.