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Craft glue is a new $3.4 billion market

Craft glue, which is made of polystyrene, has become a $3 billion market for makers of jewelry, craft accessories, and home goods, according to data from the market research firm The ArcView Group.

While there is a market for decorative glue, it’s not a major one.

It’s a very small piece of the overall glue market, at around $3 million per year, and a tiny fraction of the $10 billion that glue manufacturers make in the United States.

In the first nine months of the year, there were more than 1,100 products that came on the market.

But as of last week, there are only about 1,400.

That is the first time since 2005 that there has not been a market.

A spokeswoman for the maker of craft glue says the industry needs to focus on its product, rather than the market it has created.

Craft glue has become such a niche market because it is difficult to distinguish it from other products.

The company, called CZ Crafts, does have a market, but it is small, she said.

The market is very small and there are a lot of competing products out there.

The rise of glue The number of products on the shelves of CZ’s store in downtown Los Angeles is up from a low point of about 400 in December 2015.

That’s not bad, considering that CZ started making glue in 2014.

CZ also does work for craft stores, such as the one I visited at the store, which sells handmade goods for about $10 each.

Cuz the glue is handmade, it is not a cheap product, said Cuz, who asked that I not use her last name for this story.

I have to do my research on my own and not trust the word of a guy on a website.

She added that the market is still a niche.

The glue is so expensive that Cuz said she can only sell it at her local thrift store.

She also does not buy the glue herself.

As a consumer, I want to know if it’s worth the price, Cuz told me.

And she does buy the other products she needs.

But she said she is not the one who needs the glue.

To create the glue, CZ and its supplier, American Fork Glass, have created a manufacturing process in which the glue and other products are mixed in an oven.

Then, Cz craftsmen mix and mold the glue into a thin, hard, and flexible material.

The material is then sold to a glass supplier who can shape and mold it into shapes, including wedding bands, hats, and other pieces.

 While it’s possible that Cz will eventually be able to sell glue in larger quantities, there is currently no way for CZ to do that.

This article has been updated to include a statement from Cuz.

‘Curse of the Unicorn’ creator to make a sequel

The curse of the unicorn is on, and the creator of the popular online game craze is working on a sequel to the award-winning game.

The latest in a string of virtual items created by famed game developer Tony Hawk is titled Curse of the Rainbow Unicorn.

The game’s creator, Tony Hawk, will be working on the sequel, a source close to the project told The Jerusalem Press on condition of anonymity.

The game has garnered nearly $100 million in revenue and has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

The developer is still in the process of developing the sequel but has said that it will be ready by the end of the year.

The Curse of Unicorn was created in 2002 and was the first video game in the “TwinBee” series of “hockey” games.

The series has since expanded to include a number of other sports games, such as “Puck Wars,” “Dynasty” and “Hockey Manager.”