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How to get your favorite NHL players dressed for your next game

When it comes to NHL superstars, it’s a simple question: What do you wear?

That’s the question asked by fans all across the country, and while many will point to the uniform choices of the likes of Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist, and Jonathan Toews, many fans would rather know how to dress up their favorite players.

Here’s a list of some of the best players’ jerseys you can buy online and in stores, as well as some other tips and tricks to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the NHL’s superstars’ season-opening home games.

Get them at Target or Best Buy.

Target is offering fans an early peek at the upcoming season by offering some of their biggest fans a chance to pick up a pair of their favorite NHL stars for just $59.99 at select stores.

You can get the jerseys for the price of a pair at any Target store, and the selection of players are extensive, including Crosby, Lundqvists, Toews and Alex Ovechkin.

To purchase these jerseys, you’ll need to select them on the Target website, but Target also has a variety of other online stores that will stock the players for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about buying the jerseys, Target will provide a special coupon code for the season opener on their website on Oct. 6.

Check out our Best Buy NHL jersey roundup for more picks.

The official NHL Shop is offering a limited number of jerseys at its retail stores starting on Oct, 7 for a price of just $69.99.

But if you want to try out the new jerseys on your own, there are a few options available online.

Shop your favorite team’s jersey for $99.99 on Amazon, and for $149.99 it’s even easier to find the jersey you’re looking for at Nordstrom or Target.

And while you can always find the NHL players’ jersey for just a few bucks, there’s still plenty of other ways to find your favorite players’ uniforms.

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How to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day 2018

Posted by TechCrunch on Monday, January 25, 2018 13:04:59This year, a whole new level of Valentine’s day craft is hitting the market.

From gift wrapping to DIY Valentine’s crafts, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re new to DIY craft, here are some of our top picks for Valentine crafts:The first gift of the year is an adorable card, from a small business called The Bakers and Stonemakers in St. Louis.

They’ve got an adorable Valentine’s card and are offering it for $10.

The Baker’s and Stons will even make your own. 

I was so excited to receive this card, and I’m happy I didn’t have to wait to open it to find it covered in love notes and scribbled in marker. 

There are so many different ways to decorating a Valentine’s gift for a new Valentine.

I’m sure this card will become a popular gift.

The best part?

The cards can be shipped from anywhere in the world. 

To make your gift more special, you can even buy your own cards. 

Here’s how to make a personalized card. 

The Bakers & Stonems Valentine’s Card has been made from card stock and ink, then decorated with a variety of flowers, including lilacs, roses, and more.

The card has a unique handwritten message. 

You can use it for Valentine cards, as a cardstock gift, or for more personalized cards, too. 

In this video, I share how to decorat your own Valentine’s cards, including a beautiful card with a message written in marker and a card that I decorated with my favorite flowers.

 The Cardstock Valentine’s Cards can be purchased at Etsy, but if you have any ideas for other Valentine’s craft ideas, share them in the comments.

You can find out how to buy handmade Valentine’s gifts at Amazon.