The New Yorker is going to be a book shop, and it’ll be an all-digital store

Dec 9, 2021 PARTY

A new book shop for New Yorker writers is about to open in Manhattan’s East Village.

It’ll be called The New York Book Shop, and the space will be set up just off the Times Square subway station, according to a promotional video from the company.

In an interview with The New Republic, founder and publisher Michaela Brandt said the space would offer a space that “seeks to provide the writers with an easy and affordable venue for collaboration and storytelling.”

She also said that the new bookshop would focus on the writing of “literary fiction, nonfiction, non-fiction, and poetry” that the magazine traditionally does, but the company said it would also offer an assortment of “other types of books, from fiction to nonfiction.”

The space will open on February 12.

The space is slated to have a seating capacity of about 20.

Brandt also said in the video that she hoped the space could be “the best place to find literary fiction and nonfiction books” and that the bookstore would “provide an opportunity for our readers to discover other writers.”

Brandt said that she and her team were looking to attract authors and publishers to the space, which would include “authors and publishers of all kinds,” including nonfiction writers, as well as authors of novels.

The bookshop is expected to open by the end of February.

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