Honda: ‘We don’t have a choice’ but to fix faulty CVTs

Sep 22, 2021 PARTY

The Honda Civic is known for its reliability, and that’s a good thing.

But its CVTs are prone to a lot of damage, from being bent and ripped, to overheating.

But Honda is offering to repair the CVTs of up to 1.5 million cars in the US with the help of a new warranty that will include parts and labor.

The CVTs for the Civic are the weakest part of the vehicle, and there’s a reason for that.

The car’s CVTs have been redesigned to better resist the stresses caused by road and ice, and Honda is making that the goal of its new warranty.

Honda says that by replacing the car’s main air ducts with thinner ones, it can improve durability and increase the reliability of the entire CVT system.

The new CVT design is based on a new technology called the V-band compressor, which reduces noise and vibration, according to Honda.

It can also lower the pressure needed to push air through the engine, and the CVT’s internal piping will also be cleaned.

In a press release, Honda says the new warranty covers the entire Civic CVT, which means it should be up to date within a month.

Honda has also provided a list of parts and services it’s willing to provide for repairs.

If you have a Civic, you should have no problem with Honda’s new warranty, and you can check out the details of the warranty on the company’s website.

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