When Google launches 3D-printing for robots, it will cost more than the company’s original $1.6 billion investment

Aug 24, 2021 DIGI SCRAP

Google is working on a machine that will make 3D printers cheaply and easily, in some cases making it cheaper than a 3D printer from the company itself.

Google is looking to make the printers cheaper than $100 by offering them as a service to customers, and the company is testing them with a series of 3D printable prototypes.

3D printing, the process of converting a physical object into a 3-D printed version, is a hot-button technology.

The company has already introduced the first consumer-level printers in the US, and it plans to roll out printers in other countries soon.

The printers, which use a laser to create a three-dimensional printable object, are being tested by Google and other manufacturers around the world, including Shapeways, a maker of small, lightweight objects.

Google said the prototypes are “just a few months” away from going into production.

Google is trying to bring 3D printed objects closer to reality than ever before.

3D prints have been around for years, but their ability to capture detailed 3-dimensional objects in real time has been limited by limitations in sensors and materials, and they often require expensive manufacturing equipment.

The printer technology is the same as that of 3-axis printing, in which you take a 3d model of a piece of metal and print it out in a way that allows the user to accurately measure and align the parts of the object.

Google says it has made “over $1 billion in investment in additive manufacturing and additive manufacturing capabilities” over the past several years.

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