When it comes to getting craft beer to your table, here are 10 great options in Denver

Aug 10, 2021 DIGI SCRAP

Here are the 10 best craft beers to try in Denver this summer:Craft beer in Denver has become a must-visit for many.

There are so many great options that it can be difficult to narrow down what you should try.

But for those looking for a new experience, there are a few options you should know about.

Here are 10 best spots to grab craft beer in downtown Denver.1.

Craft Brew MartThe Craft Brew Martin, located in the Old Town Denver Market, is one of the oldest craft breweries in the country.

Their newest release, The Craft, is a collaboration with beer expert Matt LeBlanc.

They brew two of their most popular beers, Brewmaster’s Porter and The Big Easy.

You can also try a few other beers, such as the Great Divide Imperial Stout, and The Great Divide Stout, which is brewed with a Belgian wheat and rye malt base.

Check out their website to learn more.2.

The Alchemist Denver Artisan Beer GardenOne of Denver’s most iconic landmarks is the iconic Denver Artesian Gardens, which overlooks downtown.

This new addition is a large, outdoor, beer garden that will feature beer from all over the world.

This is the first of several gardens opening in the city.

Check their website for a map of all the gardens and a list of upcoming events.3.

Denver Beer GardenA new beer garden in Denver, the Denver Beer Gardens, will be opened this summer.

Located on the northwest corner of Colorado and Fremont avenues, the garden is a place to gather, share, and drink beer in a place where all Denver residents are welcome.

They will offer live music, a beer garden table, food trucks, and more.

Check out their official website for more info.4.

Brew House Brew House, DenverThe Brew House is a Denver craft beer and wine bar.

Located at the intersection of Colorado Street and Broadway, the space is a cozy spot for a late-night beer, and it is also one of our favorite places to drink in the entire city.

Check them out here.5.

Brewmaster PorterThe Brewmaster is a popular beer from the Colorado Springs, CO brewery, and this is the fourth brewmaster Porter from Brewmaster.

The brewery released a limited edition beer with their collaboration with Denver chef and brewer Josh Meyer called Brewmaster and a few others, including the Porter, Red IPA, and Imperial Stout.

Check the Brewmaster website for info on when the beers will be available.6.

Craft Cider Bar The Denver Craft Cidershop is an award-winning, award-wining cidery.

It’s located on the south side of the Old Downtown Denver Market.

They have a variety of beers, from barrel-aged sours to IPAs, to be sure you don’t miss out on any of their special releases.

Check the brewery’s website for information on when they will be opening.7.

Red Light BreweryRed Light is a craft cidery located on West Colfax Avenue and is one the more popular cidery in Denver.

The owner, Ryan Breslow, created the brand because he likes to create something different.

They also make some pretty good cidery beer too, which we are sure you will enjoy.

Check their website here.8.

Black Forest Craft CIDER Black Forest is a small, intimate craft cider bar that opened in July of 2016.

They serve up some of the best craft cider in Denver and they have some great options to try.

Check Black Forest’s website to find out what’s on tap.9.

The Great Northern Brewing CompanyThe Great Northern is located in downtown.

The restaurant serves up a variety menu of craft beer including local craft, regional, and regional and seasonal.

Their craft beer list also includes many of the finest breweries in Denver such as Founders Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Company and many more.

Check The Great North’s website.10.

The Beer BarnThe Beer Barn in Denver is an excellent place to sample a variety types of craft beers from a variety breweries.

Check Out their website.

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