Princess Craft RVA unveils new rv and new rx series

Aug 9, 2021 PHOTO

Royalty-owned craft retailers are celebrating the launch of their new series of rv-equipped, premium rx.

Princess Craft has released a new ry-branded range of premium rv, rx, and rx-equipped luxury bikes, all based on the iconic RVA design.

They’re called Princess Craft Signature RV (SRSR) and are priced at $1,495, while the $1.5 million RVA-exclusive SRSR Signature R (SJR) has a starting price of $1-2,295.

The new ranges are made by the same company that owns Princess Craft and have been designed with the same brand of materials and craftsmanship in mind.

The bikes have been crafted by British-based RVA craftsman Jon O’Malley, who has previously built the legendary G-Force, and are the first RVA bikes to be built from the ground up by a Japanese builder, RVA Techs.

Princes Craft Signature rv bikes will hit dealerships in June, and you can check out the details of the bikes and their prices right here.

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