Which crafts desks do you like best?

Jul 28, 2021 DIGI SCRAP

The question has been posed on the craft desk forums, and a few respondents have been making some interesting claims.

“The best craft desk I have had in a long time has been a large square one,” one person wrote.

“A big flat plate with a couple of corners.

I really like this craft desk and can never go back to anything else.”

Another said: “I think the best is a very small rectangular one with a lot of corners on the top.

I think the craft table is the best, but the smaller square ones have a lot more space and I think they’re better for painting, or painting in general.”

Another user said: “[Craft desks] are good for painting.

It takes less time to do it, and you don’t have to spend much time working on it.

It’s just a really good idea.”

Some people have taken a less positive view.

“I really like the smaller craft table and would like to use it for something else, but I am going to use my craft desk for this project,” one wrote.

Another said, “I don’t like the large square ones and would prefer the smaller ones with a little more space.”

One user added: “The smaller craft desk is a better idea for me, because I want to have a place to put my art supplies.

If I have a large space to put everything, I want the craft to be smaller.”

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